• We are very proud of our Fish Tale staff at All 3 Restaurants! We want to thank them all for their hard work, loyalty and dedication. As a team, they serve the freshest quality seafood in a cheerful, efficient atmosphere.

    To those up front, thanks for the smiles & extra service & kindness that you extend to our terrific customers

    To those who prepare & cook the food, thanks for the 120% effort & care that keeps our quality number 1

    Every one of our employees contribute greatly to our goal of being the best at what we do!

    Thanks, Lenny, Joe, Jim and Brian


  • Lenny & Joe, in 2011, celebrated with 4 employees and their spouses in New York City 25 and 30 years of being part of the Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale Team in Westbrook!

    From Left to Right seated are: Lindy Merrill, Westbrook Dining Room Manager, 25 Years, John Wilson, Westbrook General Manager, 30 Years

    Back Row: Left to Right Jeannnette Falanga, Westbrook Dining Room Manager, 30 Years, Paddy Quinn, Westbrook Kitchen Manager, 30 Years! Counting Lenny & Joe, that is 179 years of Fish Tale experience!

  • Employment Opportunities at Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale

  • At Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale we are always looking for talented & hardworking individuals to join “Our Team!”. We offer wonderful opportunities for Full & Part Time Employment!

    We take a great deal of pride in our staff and make every effort to see that every employee is treated right. We also strive to give every employee the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities and receive the rewards that come with this.

    We have a very talented management team, most of whom have been with us since our very early days. We are always looking for motivated individuals who would like to be part of this successful management team. Please apply and learn about the full time career possibilities at Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale.

    We also have many full & part time jobs for high school & college students, as well as part time jobs for those needing to supplement their income.

    We would love to hear from you! To apply please visit one of the restaurants, or call for additional information.